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COVID-19 Update: artlook® Maryland is adapting!

We recognize that our arts education community is rapidly shifting to online programming and we want to support you with this transition. We have collaborated with artlook® communities across the country to create the artlook® Virtual Learning Library, a free directory of online arts learning programs. Educators, families, and students can search the Virtual Learning Library for online learning resources organized by artistic discipline, grade level, and format. 

For more info, please check out our Virtual Learning Library page

Why artlook® Maryland?

artlook® Maryland is an innovative tool that allows teachers and school leaders to better advocate for the arts in your school.

artlook® Maryland features searchable, individual profiles for every public school in the pilot communities of Baltimore City and Queen Anne’s, Montgomery, and Anne Arundel counties. Each school profile is populated by administrative data, such as the type of arts courses offered and number of arts instructors on staff. Teachers also have the opportunity to sign up as “arts liaisons” and add additional details about your school. Arts liaisons can list partnerships with outside arts organizations (arts partners) and identify areas in which you would like additional arts programming or resources.

artlook® Maryland helps schools connect with outside arts partners and resources, promotes public support for the arts in your school, and allows you to create arts education goals based on data-driven decisions.

To SIGN UP as an arts liaison, e-mail:

To LOG IN to your school profile, go to:

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