Professional Development

The quality of instruction determines students’ success of learning in and through the arts. Good teaching is the result of effective teacher training programs combined with career-long, high-quality professional development. AEMS understands that helping classroom teachers do a better job should be the cornerstone of efforts to improve student learning. AEMS is committed to facilitating enhanced opportunities for all who deliver arts instruction whether they are arts teachers, teaching artists and other community-based arts education providers, and/or classroom teachers who use arts integration strategies to enrich and deepen their instruction across all subject areas.

Effective high-quality professional development in arts education requires time. It includes individual and collaborative study, practice, and reflection, along with constructive feedback on the mastery of new knowledge and skills and their application in schools and classrooms. Beyond affording teachers greater understanding of skills and content in the arts disciplines and specific instructional strategies, high-quality professional development in the arts is transformative for teachers. It enhances teachers’ capacities to communicate and to innovate; it makes transparent the benefits of pursuing multiple means to access content; and it expands teachers’ appreciation of students as creative agents in their own learning process. Ultimately, high-quality professional development in the arts transforms teachers’ relationships with students, peers and the school community. AEMS offers a number of professional development opportunities to educators, teaching artists, and community-based arts education providers.





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