AEMS delivers powerful testimony at Kirwan Commission’s public hearing

Last night, AEMS Executive Director Quanice Floyd joined dozens of other speakers who gave testimony to the ‘Kirwan’ Commission on Innovation and Excellence in Education. AEMS applauds the work that the Commission has undertaken to lay out a series of recommendations that will fundamentally transform Maryland’s public education system. In the 2020 legislative session, the General Assembly will take up the Commission’s recommendations and hopefully enact them as law. The benefits in quality of education and increased support for Maryland children that will come from enacting these recommendations far repay the financial costs, even though there is opposition from Maryland’s executive office. You can read the full contents of AEMS’s testimony here. Our letter makes clear the stakes of the Commission’s endeavor:

To ignore or undermine this hard work is to be satisfied with inequality and to preside over the continued deterioration of our citizenry. We urge all involved in turning the Commission’s work from recommendations into reality to act now and make this happen. Our kids can’t wait.

AEMS’s letter to the Commission on Innovation and Excellence in Education, dated 11/12/2019

Read and view more of the coverage of last night’s overwhelming show of support here:

AEMS Executive Director Quanice Floyd (left) conveying AEMS’s message to the Commission. AEMS founder Mary Ann Mears (right) also attended to support the Commission’s work.

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