Administrators: expand arts opportunities & experiences

At AEMS, we advocate for arts education for all of Maryland’s public school students. This requires advocating at the level of state policy as well as working with local networks of arts education advocates to make sure you have arts education in your local communities. The more you know about the rights of Maryland students, the questions to ask, and some helpful facts and figures to make the case, the more we can work together to effectively create change for the students in your community!

Adminstrators: expand arts opportunities & experiences

Our elected officials in local government, on local boards of education, and in the general assembly, need to hear from you! Participation in the political process means more than voting during elections. It also means communicating with your elected officials throughout the year, attending (virtual) meetings, and forming a network of advocacy with other people invested in the future of arts education. You can also do some vital advocacy by letting us at AEMS know what is happening in your community. If there is a problem (check our Soundcheck if you’re not sure), please contact AEMS through our Incident Report Form. You can also reach out to AEMS by scheduling a meeting during office hours between 4-6pm on Mondays and Wednesdays. 

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The more that our work at AEMS can be directly guided by our communities, the more we fulfill our mission. Getting involved with AEMS is a great way you can advocate for arts education – by working with us! If you are an educator, we encourage you to consider joining the AEMS Educator Council!

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Your financial support helps fuel our advocacy efforts to help ensure all children have access to arts education. Donate today-  any amount makes a difference!

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Explore Options to Deliver More Arts Education Experiences

Maryland State Arts Council AiE Artist in Residence Roster

The Maryland State Arts Council (MSAC)’s Arts in Education (AiE) Program is designed to promote, strengthen, and enhance the arts and arts education in Maryland’s schools and other community settings. Explore the MSAC Arts in Education Artist in Residence Roster here!

Arts for Learning Maryland Teaching Artists

Arts for Learning Maryland transforms the lives and education of our youth through the arts by connecting educators, professional artists, and communities. Look through their directory of Teaching Artists to find a teaching artist for your school!

Artivate Artists

Artivate Inc’s programs offer arts-based learning that motivates and invites participation through performances, workshops and residencies representing a wide range of artistic disciples and cultural traditions. They bring access to the Arts to underserved communities throughout Maryland, DC and northern Virginia. Browse the Artist Program Catalog here!

Leaders of Tomorrow Youth Center

Leaders of Tomorrow Youth Center (LTYC) supports youths, ages 5-18, in the state of Maryland and DC with arts programs that empower them to excel in the arts, academics, and social development. By providing opportunities and resources that otherwise would not be available, LTYC programs build higher self-esteem and self-worth in young people who are yearning for success. Explore their programs here!

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