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Diagram displaying how AEMS uses its research, policy communications, and programs to inform parents, develop classroom teacher skills, and affect policy, all to benefit the child in the arts classroomAEMS’s mission is to improve the quality of, and access to, arts education for all Maryland public school students.We use an array of interrelated strategies including supporting arts education policy and advocacy efforts, developing partnerships with schools and school systems, disseminating information, convening the experts in the fields of of arts and education, organizing focused task forces, offering professional development for teachers and artists, providing technical assistance through research and evaluation tools, and hosting recognition programs.

AEMS collaborates with the Maryland State Department of Education, the Maryland State Arts Council, school systems, arts organizations, institutions of higher education, and other arts and educational institutions. For more than 20 years, AEMS has garnered national attention by influencing local and state policies to ensure that high-quality arts programs are available to every child in every Maryland public school.

AEMS acts as a fiscal agent for a number MSDE’s most significant arts education initiatives, including the Maryland Public High School Dance Showcase, a public celebration of the talents and achievements of Maryland public high school dance students; the Maryland Centers for Creative Classrooms, a research-based, professional development series for arts instructors, educators, and school administrators conducted by master teachers, artists, and artist educators; the Best of Maryland Arts Education Festival, which highlights the creative abilities of Maryland public school students across all artistic disciplines; and other vital activities.

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